Sunday, October 21, 2012

Does Three CN Crafts Still Live?

It's been three years since I sold on eBay as Three CN Crafts.  This was once my all-consuming hobby (before photography) and I did pretty well as a seller.  I started doing paint and fabric crafts in 1992 and eventually branched out to almost exclusively silk flowers, wreaths especially.  Sold a tremendous amount of stuff at work, some local consignment shops and craft shows.  Sometimes I don't know how I did this working full-time but somehow I did it anyway. 

After selling my own handmade stuff on eBay for a while, I started selling a lot of "shabby chic" decorating items.  Around 2006, pink was a hot seller and I sold tons of pink items - sheets, towels, plates, teapots, you name it.  This is where I also first got the photography bug as I learned how to stage little "vignettes" to showcase my items with my trusty Olympus P&S.  I also became interested in html, working and re-working my purchased templates.

Around late 2008 it started costing me too much to sell on eBay because people had stopped buying due to the economy.  I still have a huge amount of silk flowers, paints, fabrics, plus shipping boxes, bubble wrap and tape.  Today I decided to look up my favorite sellers list on eBay, which I haven't even looked at for about two years and almost everyone has nothing for sale.  Probably have all gone to Etsy or like me, gave it up.  Although I did find one seller and she is still going at it.  Put a little spark in my brain!

I'm still registered with the State as a business.  Could it possibly happen?  I'm going to look more into this, my interest is piqued!

Pink Teapot - I sold on eBay in 2007 - Like my staged photo?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Prayers for Little Bird

Today I had a doctor appointment in a large medical building not too far from home.  The building has large doors on each end that slide open automatically and open into a long lobby.  I walked into the building and immediately something came flying at me with a "swoosh".  I ducked and then saw several other people duck and saw the small bird flying around in a panic.  There are always a lot of birds outside as there are trees and bushes and he must have gotten in when the large doors opened and couldn't find his way out.

The lobby was full of people and everyone was trying to stay out of his way when he flew behind an artificial plant there in the lobby by some chairs right where I was standing.  A lady and I parted the plant and saw him there and then he took off again.  I wanted to get to the lobby doors to open them and started walking toward them when the little guy flew right into the glass and fell to the ground.  People all gathered around him asking if he was OK and it seemed like no one knew what to do.  I heard people say not to touch him but I couldn't just leave him there.  I threw my purse on the ground and got out a tissue and gently picked him up.  He was a pretty little thing with a yellow breast.  His wings appeared to be OK because nothing was at a weird angle but he wasn't moving. 

So I picked him up and gently carried him outside and laid him on the ground just inside a large bush.  A young girl followed me out and she wanted to prod him with a piece of mulch, but I asked her please not to touch him.  When I went back into the lobby people were all asking me if he was alright.  I told them that hopefully he was just knocked out and would wake up in a while, it seemed to make them feel better.

When I came out of the doctor's office about 45 minutes later, I checked on him and he was still laying there.  I still have hopes he will wake up.  Should I have done more?  I don't know.  Been feeling sad all morning now. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

My Favorite Month

Finally got out to take some Fall photos.  I've been waiting all year for this and I've been so busy I've hardly had to chance.  It was a lot of fun going to buy a pumpkin out at Spring Farm.  Had a warm apple sundae too, sooo good!  Forget the calories!  I love seeing all the pumpkins for sale and trying to pick out the perfect one.  Best to do this on Friday too, because it gets mobbed on Saturday.  So here are a few photos to enter the "nurture photography" photo contest with this week's theme, Orange/Warmth.