Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snack Heaven at Utz Factory Store

Yesterday was the President's Day holiday and a beautiful day for taking a road trip.  Hanover PA is only about 30 miles away and is the home of the Utz potato chip factory.   I would have loved to have taken a tour of the factory, but that will have to be another trip with more time to spend.  Yesterday was mainly a shopping trip to the Utz Outlet Store to stock up on snacks.  Utz makes the best chips (in my opinion!) and has a variety of multi-flavored potato chips, cheese curls, tortilla chips and a large selection of pretzels at the outlet for prices much lower than grocery stores.  They also have chocolate covered pretzels and chips.  Sorry, I am not quite that adventurous to try a chocolate covered potato chip.  Ended up spending about $30 and have enough snacks to last about 6 months.  And just when I thought I would get back on my diet!


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