Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Finding This Great Bakery Was No Accident

On my recent vacation to Deep Creek Lake, I found this lovely little bakery named the Mountain Flour Baking Co. in the town of Accident, Maryland.  Accident is a small town in Garrett County which, according to Wikipedia, has a population of 353 as of the 2000 census.  Wiki also says that residents of the town are called "Accidentals" which I didn't know.  I have traveled through this town many times as a kid visiting my Mom's hometown of Kitzmiller and it's name always made me giggle but I knew when we got to Accident we weren't far from Grandma's. 

Anyway, back to the bakery.  I stopped by this place because I had a craving for some sweets.  You definitely can't miss it since it is right on Main Street, has a large "OPEN" sign and is flying a large flag outside.  So everytime we drove up Rt 219 going somewhere we would pass it and my cravings were getting stronger each time. 

The bakery is small inside but offered some large temptations.  I pulled out my camera and began to photograph some yummy looking cookies.  People look at me funny sometimes, but hey, I take my camera everywhere especially when there is food involved.  I was greeted by a nice lady behind the counter named Bird.  She told me the bakery is under new ownership and gave me a flyer with all their items on it.  I was quite surprised to find out that they even have artisan breads which are right up my alley but I never expected to find this far west of Whole Foods or Wegmans territory.  They offer a ton of different cakes, cupcakes, brownies, bagels, donuts, cheesecakes, bread pudding and much more, Oh My!  She even brought out a fabulous fresh-baked cherry pie while I was there which looked so heavenly.  Their website also says that they feature beautiful wedding cakes made by owner Christine Cornish Lewis.

I tried a few things, one of which was this fantastic peanut butter ball covered in chocolate (better than Reese's), some nice soft chewy chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles and an apple fritter so good like the ones at the Amish farmers markets in Lancaster PA.  I was there a little late in the day and sadly the cupcakes and a lot of the pastries were almost sold out and I do regret that I didn't have a chance to stop there again before leaving Deep Creek.

I wish the Mountain Flour Baking Co. a whole lot of success with their business because I sure do want to stop in there again and try some of those cupcakes that I missed and get a big box of those peanut butter balls to take home because I haven't seen anything like them around Baltimore.  Keep up the great baking and I will see you on my next trip to the mountains!

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Sounds like a great bakery!