Monday, December 5, 2011

Ocean City in the Offseason

Last weekend I went to Ocean City MD for the big crafts fair they have there every year the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I suppose some people wouldn't even think of going to an ocean resort town in the offseason, but for me it's my favorite time to go.  I've never been a sunbather and I can't stand waiting in the lines for two hours in the hot sun trying to get into some restaurant in the middle of July.  In the offseason, most of the places are open on the weekends.  There are plenty of places open on the boardwalk and you have your choice of restaurants without the summer lines.  The traffic is pretty great too compared to what it's like in the summer.  Of course, I always have my camera and Fall sunrises over the ocean and sunsets over Assawoman Bay are the prettiest.

Gorgeous Sunrise

Sunset over Bay

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