Monday, November 7, 2011

My Cat is on Daylight Savings Time (or Maybe They're Smarter Than We Think)

My cats get fed twice a day.  They know when breakfast happens because they get fed when I get up, which is usually around 8:00am.  Sometimes they help wake me up with a paw in the face or a leap onto my stomach, but it's normally around the same time every day.  Dinner is a different matter.  I always fed them at 6:00pm when I was working because that was the time I usually got home.  They knew it was dinner time when I walked through the door.  Now that I am retired, I still try to stick with that 6:00 time because it's what they're used to.    

A funny thing happened yesterday when daylight savings time ended and the clocks were turned back.  My kitty Alexandra started running around the food bowl at hour early.  But this was actually 6:00pm daylight savings time.  So how does she know it's really 6:00pm?  I think my cat is actually telling time.   Smart kitty!  Now if I can just get her to turn all those battery clocks back it would sure save me some time.....

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