Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ode to My Glade Candle

I wrote this for my "Creative Writing" class assignment - Light a candle and write about how it makes you feel.  ~

It's early morning as I light the Glade candle on my computer desk.  It has previously burned halfway down and the flame flickers inside the milky glass, not quite reaching the top. The scent is apple cinnamon and that wonderful sweet smell suddenly transports me in my mind to a large apple orchard nearby.  How I would love to be there right now picking apples in the cool autumn air.  My favorite season!  A kaleidoscope of colors on the trees gently falling to the ground, hot apple cider and chilly nights.  Thinking of fall reminds me that I have to buy a gift for Mom's birthday in a few days.  The apple scent reminds me there's grocery shopping to be done and the sooty match is telling me there is a ton of housework waiting.  Suddenly those blissful thoughts of apple gathering are gone and reality jolts me back to the present.  So goodbye for now my lovely fruity friend, and perhaps we can meet again when the busy day is through.

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Anonymous said...

Love your writing!